Monday, September 7, 2009



Despite the fact that this past week has given us our only few instances of summer heat and sunshine, it is in fact the beginning of autumn. I apologize once again for the slow posts, but the prospect of keeping a full time job while also going to school has been stressing me out to no end. An upside to going back to school will mean that I have access to much faster computers and thus blogging won't be quite so laborious. Downside is that I'm probably going to go insane.

This picture seems awfully calming. Maybe it's the cliff I'm attracted to? (JUST KIDDING)

Oh and if you'd like the most up to date and relevant news surrounding my frequent nervous breakdowns, I've recently started up a twitter account. (Cue boos, hisses). I guess I can also use it to let you all know when new posts are up, should that event occur. Follow me here!

photo: ..gloryfades

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