Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Hi, folks! You may be happy to hear that I'm back from my trip to the land of bitter and lazy! You see, it's typical for me to consume booze while I'm on holiday, so I'm going to blame my hypocritical rant (see below) on that. I know some of you (siblings, mostly) probably cried foul about the antler/animal skeleton bit. Exhibit A. Exhibit B. Exhibit C. And so on.

However, you should know by now that I always exempt myself from my own judgmental sneers! I am so clearly above it all!

Anyways, this post is to let you know that I've given up my lonesome internet strike! Check back soon to see what I've deemed cool for fall, which may or may not include antlers, balloons, or day-shift hooker heels.

Cheers for now!

xoxo Michelle

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