Friday, January 9, 2009

The Atomic City

Interior of a railway station, village of Janov, October 1996

Winnipeg based photographer David McMillan first traveled to Chernobyl in October 1994 in order to document the results of the nuclear power plant disaster that occured eight years earlier. He has since traveled back on numerous occasions to follow up on the developments in the exclusion area, which include the continued proliferation of vegetation and the further deterioration of buildings and human artifacts. Haunting, fascinating, apocalyptic-type stuff. He was also a professor at my University. Represent!

Sinking boat on the Pripyat River, Chornobyl, October 1998
Village church interior, October 1996
The Sarcophagus, October 1994
Dog near unfinished apartments, April 1995
"Hell Wheel", October 1994

All photographs by David McMillan

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Lluviaschick said...

i've been there and it's pretty awkward how you feel surrounded by all of this... it's like being in a phatom town