Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Serious Question

Anyone know of any kind of dream catcher/evil eye trinket that will ward off pesky ghosts? I may or may not have one, but my overactive imagination has assumed the worst. If someone can convince me that a pet rock will make it go away, I'm all ears.

Picture via Lapel


Anonymous said...

(an eco friendly one of course).


Megan said...

I have some ideas:
1) wine before bed.
2) a cat
3) you should find a native arts class where you can make your own. that would be cool.
4) contact jennifer love hewwit to see if she is available for some whispering.

Pine & Lord said...

M - I left the hall light on for about ten minutes one night but the bright light annoyed me more than the noises of the undead.

Megan - I'm thinking the wine is my best bet.

Anonymous said...

I should clarify -- nightlight plus a travel eye mask. Get a nice plush one and it will help sooth the wine headache you are going to give yourself!


PS Real nighlights (as opposed to hall lights) let off less glare.